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Theatre Is Dead!

Shows in order of appearance:

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Was Going To

Created By Ellie Strayer

This piece is about the specific feeling of numbness you get when you’re stuck in a routine. It’s very much a response quarantine, and it’s very much gathered from the emotional and sensory responses of someone in a post-grad position watching the rest of the world fall apart. This piece is primarily a claymation, however contains elements of frame-by-frame animation, watercolor, and pen on paper. It also includes footage from the window of a plane during a flight from Denver to Boston at the very beginning of the world unraveling (March, 2020).


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comment below

Written by Emmy Kuperschmid Directed by Terry Kitagawa

Editing by Robyn Huey

Kitty - Lyndsay Tucker

Jess - Marth Brown

Margaret - Nina Gravlin

Kitty is a fifteen year old girl who, after being uprooted in the middle of the year, finds comfort and control in vlogging and the internet. But as her viewers increase, so do her mother's stage-mom tendencies--and what happens when Kitty makes a real life friend who wants to be in a video with her?

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X-Stream: An Online Play Reading About Reading Plays Online

Written By Casandra Clifford Directed by Rebecca Schilsky

Angela - Liliana Mastroianni Hector - Sterling Ross
Tate - Erin Frances Speirs

All zoom productions are unintentionally Annie Baker plays. The prolonged silences. The awkward pauses.

The stark fourth wall created by your computer camera and the World Wide Web. One may think “hey that’s awesome! I love The Flick!” or “The Aliens is totally rad; I’d dig that happenstance,” but this unintentional theatricality comes at a price: control. As artists on zoom, we lack the ability to control pacing! Diction! WiFi! Outside car noises! Parent’s footsteps! And many other technical issues. This makes

productions- and rehearsals- harder than they’ve ever been before. In this piece, we get the inside scope on an attempted play reading. But will X-steam be an Alien success? Or a Flick turned Flop?

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 8.54.18 PM.png

The Cat's Ashes

Written by Lee Harrison Daniel Directed by Ellie Strayer

Claire Shutters

Liliana Mastroianni

This is a non-play. Whatever that means is correct. It is about everything and anything and nothing. It takes place in The Shower, Cyberspace, Starbucks but more Fucked up, and Minnesota, but it also doesn’t. Please watch it.

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Zoom Haunted House

Written and Created by Eliza Kuperschmid

Featuring: Eliza Kuperschmid, Sean Cheney, Georgia Ossorguine, Addie Scenti, Grace Hill, Geri Cynamon, Maddie Sassoon, Chris Morabito, Julia Guarneri, Hannah Margolis, Kayleigh Duggan, Jordan Gonzales, Penn Hoen, Becca Schilsky, Nick Leonard, Danielle Sun, Olivia Sun

Isn’t Zoom... scary? Am I actually on mute right now? Am I stuck on mute forever? Who’s going to be in that breakout room? Are my friends shit-talking me in the private chat? Can the professor see that I’m not wearing pants?

A harrowing (and potentially silly) exploration into the horrors of video conferencing.

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if this is bad don't tell me

Writing, Design, and Animation by Catie LeCours

Lew - Padraig Bond
Cora - Grace Alberti
Zosia - Catie LeCours
Jill - Amalia Culpepper-Wehr

Dorian - Patrick Carter

Niamh - Marina Kalaw

Violin - Joseph Dugan

There are two countries in this story. This Country, and the Other Country. Six people exist. Cora, a tired woman who condemns religion before it can condemn her. Lew, an eccentric man who drifts with intention. A Girl who knits sweaters, spells, promises, garlands, nests, blankets, and plots. A sweet Child who feels everything deeply. A Boy who seeks color, beauty, light— enlightenment. And Niamh, a poet.

Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 11.01.09

Cowgirl Summer

Written and Edited by Karen Stewart

Melanie - Calliope Pina Parker

Theresa - Cornelia Silsbee

Lily - Audrey Erikson
Man - Ian LoCascio

VOICES: Giuliana Mancini, Isabella Iorio, Madeline Rose Parks, Anne McDonagh, Laurel Ledesma, Nanouli Shevardnadze, Cashel O’Malley, Jess Kantorowitz, Julia Gazzara, Jordan Hurley, Lolo Rosado, Audrey Pugh, Rachel Ruecker, Kiara Negroni-Martinez, Nora Kraft, Erin Browning, Piper Lewis, Beau Valentine LaBranch

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Everyone I sent fragments of

this play to at various early hours of the morning, GarageBand (much love), and Harry Edward Styles, the king of my heart since 2012.

See Program for Artist's Note

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So, What Are You Looking For On Here?

Devised by Ellie Strayer, Kendrick Weingast, Laur Bailor
Written by Ellie Strayer
Edited by Kendrick Weingast

Voices by Dave Seidman-Joria

This piece is a meditation on the virtual dating scene, specifically dating apps, in 2020. Lifting conversations and experiences from their own lives, devisors Ellie Strayer, Kendrick Weingast, and Laur Bailor have been able to piece together emotional interactions that exist in a heteronormative space in order to explore themes of sameness, loneliness, and double standards.

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