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First Kiss Theatre is proud to represent a community of talented, bold, unique emerging artists. In its ongoing mission to support and help develop emerging artists' work, each member of the administrative team is also an emerging artist with unique new work of their own. 

We hold our community together through our thoughtful programming, virtual development initiatives, fun virtual and in-person events. We design each community gathering with the intent of offering space and collaborative opportunities to spark artistic magic.

To showcase the wonders of our community and to encourage involvement, we have provided some information below on events we host and our company's "Magic Lab" development cohort.

Magic Lab
Our Events

The three annual events we hold are our May in-person social gathering, our summer Play-In-A-Day and our Countdown to the new year. 

There will be more information to come on all three of these events as our year continues!

Magic Lab is a virtual space for artists to share works in progress and meet new collaborators. After making the decision to transition our residency to a summer-only program for the 2023 season, we introduced Magic Lab as a way for artists to continue developing work with us year-round. The group meets once a month to share new plays, songs, poems, and more and to give and receive feedback. Unlike the residency, Magic Lab is 100% process oriented with no deadlines or final presentation of work. The lab is open to past resident artists and to frequent FKT collaborators on an invitational basis.

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