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Our  Mission & History

Magic is all around us—in books, in coffee, in sounds of nature, in texting, in stretching, in silence, in plants, in the entire human experience. Our duty as artists is to seek it out and to amplify it, to constantly ask ourselves, “Where’s the magic?”



First Kiss Theatre Company is a primarily virtual home for artists on a quest to extract magic from the mundane and infuse it into bold, new theatrical work. 


Born online in 2020 via the Theatre Is Dead Festival, FKT was created by and for emerging artists feeling unmoored in the new, pandemic-fucked theatrical world. Since then, our season has expanded to include multiple annual festivals, a residency, and some in-person programming in New York, through which we have generated a wonderful community of artists spanning the globe and a wide range of genres and disciplines.


We are always growing, always evolving. No two seasons at FKT look alike. At the heart of everything we do is the dream to bring artists together in an accessible, equitable, and highly collaborative space to shine light on untold stories and embrace the joy of community through DIY theater—to make some magic!

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