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Searching for a Signal...

By Nick MacNeil

FROM THE ARTIST: "'Searching for a signal....' is a multimedia installation piece that combines technology and physicality. It was inspired by liminal spaces and several internet based art genres, such as 'weirdcore.' During 2020 liminal spaces began to become more popular as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the same time, the movement of 'Weirdcore' began to form as an aesthetic, taking inspiration from late 90’s and early 2000’s internet low quality graphics. During 2020, Nick started taking raw photos of different liminal spaces he came across during the first COVID-19 lockdown and became fascinated with the
emotions of comfort and general uneasiness that these spaces provoked. This fascination grew into building sculptures, experimenting with using imagery that late Gen-Z considers nostalgic. The general setting of this piece is inspired by 'Bliss' by Charles O’Rear, AKA the iconic Windows XP desktop wallpaper. While working on this piece, Nick experimented with projection mapping, dirty video mixing on a CRT TV set, soundscapes, and creating low quality photoshopped images and digital paintings to create a multi-sensory environment. The silent Analogue short film featured within the installation “Blossoming” is a result of Nick’s experiments with dirty video mixing. Figures shown within the film are played by Annika Martens, Nick MacNeil, and Charlize Fedele. The film itself symbolizes the evolution of a person and the different appearances shown throughout are a chapter in one’s own life. Once a figure falls, that cycle is repeated over and over, continuing our own personal evolution."

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Nick MacNeil (He/Him/His) is a performing and visual artist located in Manhattan, New York. Originally from Boston, MA, Nick’s love for storytelling and the arts led him to study in various art forms such as acting, dance, film, sound, and visual arts. Nick is currently a junior at Marymount Manhattan College as a theater and new media major. Nick embraces unconventionality, innovation, and empathy into his craft with various themes and topics.

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