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Helith Æðelstān:
A Short Play

By Jenya Stashkov


FROM THE ARTIST: "Let's invent your own creature! Let's say it will be your totem. Please follow the instructions. 1. Come up with any number from 0 to 100. The resulting number is the number of limbs on your own creature. 2. Imagine your favourite mythical creature. What part of this mythical creature's body (the cyclops eye, basilisk tail, elf ears, and so on) do you like the most? Add this body part to the body of your own creature. 3. Some very beautiful plants grow out of the body of your own creature. What kind of plant is this? 4. The name of your own creature contains the first letter of the name of your favourite drink and your favourite interjection. Make a name out of it! 5. Your own creature rules the whole planet. Describe this planet. What's the climate like there? What is the price of gas on this planet?"

ABOUT THE ARTIST: UK-based playwright, Illustrator, artist, poet, performer, the founder of the VIBRATING BODY performance troupe, the organizer of the «Neem» Independent International Award for Improper Dramaturgy.

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