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Allison Fradkin

A graduate of SUNY Purchase, Allison Fradkin (she/her) delights in applying her Women's & Gender Studies education to the creation of satirically scintillating prose, poetry, and plays that (sur)pass the Bechdel Test and enlist their characters in a caricature of the idiocies and intricacies of insidious isms. In New York, her work has been presented by Clutch Productions, New Ambassadors Theatre Company, Ripple Effects Artists, New Shokan Kitchen Island Project, The PlayGround Experiment, Undiscovered Countries, Bunbury Players, Paper Kraine Productions, Foothills Arts Council, Elmhurst Entertainment, and Dramatic Question Theatre.

About the piece...

“This poem tells the story of a first kiss between a pair of lesbian thespians whose ‘showmance’ finally developed into something far less ephemeral than a theatrical production.”

Read Allison's work:
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