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Ryan Bremer

​​Ryan Bremer is a filmmaker from New Jersey. He enjoys making lyrical pieces inspired by the works of experimental artist Stan Brakhage. Along with his professor, Ryan is currently writing a video essay on Brakhage that he hopes will be published soon.

About the piece...

“"Abby, The Toilet is Flushed" is a short film based on a fear that Ryan overcame this past year—constantly doubting whether or not he flushed the toilet. It’s definitely a silly fear, and he hopes that the film acknowledges the silliness of it, while also conveying its crippling potential. Note: No animals were harmed in the making of this video; they were compensated with lots of cheese.” 

Ryan has worked with FKT before! A longtime friend and filmmaker, perhaps you've seen his work in a film festival of ours many moons ago!

View Ryan's work:
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