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Courtney Taylor

Courtney Taylor is a playwright and speechwriter from Massapequa, NY. She loves plays that are offbeat and experimental. Courtney has written about fanfiction and friendship ("Weird Girl Summer"), UFOs and crushes ("Lights in the Sky"), and the history of conspiracy culture ("The Warren Commission Spectacular"). Most recently, Courtney's play "Weird Girl Summer" received an audio adaptation on First Kiss Theatre Company's Play-Mates podcast, and was produced by White Mouse Productions at Florida State University. Her experimental comedy "No Entrance" will receive a reading in 2024 as part of the Neurodivergent New Play Series. Courtney is a Feminism Is for Everybody fellow at the Bechdel Project.

About the piece...

“In 2023, I had the exciting opportunity to write a new play based off of a prompt, as part of The Apartment Players' Grief Plays project. I was assigned the word "acceptance," and given a month to write a one-act play in response. I absolutely loved taking bold swings and creating something new on a set timeline, which I hadn't done since the 24 Hour Theatre Challenges I worked on in undergrad. Some of my favorite parts of the last year have been those exciting moments where everything aligns perfectly to create some theatre magic. This play, titled "The Guy Who Killed Bigfoot," is my response to the "acceptance" prompt, telling a chaotic and silly, sharp and raw story about grief, old friends, and enduring love.”



Read Courtney's work:
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