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Bailey Jordan Garcia a queer, neurodivergent, non-binary playwright located in NYC. They’ve worked with places such as The Blank (“Pedo Punchers”), Cry Havoc (“We Heart Christopher H. Mahoney…”), The Bechdel Group (“Tvilah”), Ohio University (“An Abstinent Orgy”), PlayGround-NY & PlayGround-LA (produced x12), and many others! Currently, Bailey is in a residency with PlayGround-One, working on their full length entitled “Crazy Jezebels”. When they aren’t writing, Bailey can usually be found at Bethesda Fountain, cuddling with their 3-legged pup, or talking your ear off about Angels in America.

About the piece...

 “This is my goodbye to Don and Marty. "Who are Don and Marty?" -- you may ask. Well, they're my boobs. In 2024 I'm getting top surgery, something that, as a non-binary person, I have been looking forward to for years. So this is me giving these two vaudevillian men (do you not view your boobs as vaudevillian men?) their chance in the spotlight for a final goodbye.” 



Read Bailey's work:
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