About First Kiss

First Kiss Theatre Company is a small company, currently based virtually, that strives to create magic in collaborative, empowering, bold art. See our mission statement below!

First Kiss Theatre Company is dedicated to investigating realities that hide behind the curtain of modern society through the medium of performance. We are specifically interested in working with emerging artists to focus our energy into making new work that shines a light on untold stories, brings value to a diverse set of experiences, and reimagines pre-existing narratives. We believe art and performance to be paramount in understanding not only what it means to be human but what it means to an individual, to have life, to give life, to see life onstage. We strive to bring thoughtfulness and thrill into our storytelling, to push audience perceptions of society, and in doing so, create some magic.

Mission Statement:

Core Values:

First Kiss Theatre Company is built upon values of emotional and physical safety, love, kindness, generosity, collaboration, respect, and equality. During this revolutionary time, we have compiled a resource guide to help make donating money and time to organizations and causes we find worthwhile easier. For more information,