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About FKT


First Kiss Theatre Company is an assembly of artists, each on a unique quest to embed magic from our shared universe into bold new work. The company was founded in 2020 by emerging artists who were frustrated with the landscape of the pandemic-fucked theatrical world. Through nearly two years of virtual performance, artistic workshops, and our year-long Residency Program, and other public events, we have generated the wonderful community of artists we are proud to represent today. FKT’s mission is to bring artists together in an accessible, equitable, and highly collaborative space to shine light on untold stories and embrace the joy of community through DIY theater.


Our creative philosophy is that everything in our world has underlying magic within it, and our duty as artists is to amplify it. There is magic in books, in coffee, in sounds of nature, in texting, in stretching, in silence, in plants, in the entire human experience– and to identify and magnify this magic is to participate in our creative process. We are constantly asking ourselves: “Where’s the magic?”


One process we use to achieve the production of magic is “matchmaking.” Our artistic board is constantly and thoughtfully pairing together different artists, new concepts, inspirations, thoughts, feelings, etc. Through this process of matchmaking we are able to generate new, unique magic at the heart of literal and metaphorical collaborations. And, if you’ll come with this analogy for a moment, new creative “romances” are born, artistic “blind dates” open unexplored opportunities, and each “first kiss” introduces possibilities for daring new work.


To keep up with us on a more immediate basis, please consider following us @firstkisstheatre on instagram, twitter, TikTok, or Facebook. We also invite you to subscribe to our occasional newsletters below!

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