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Snippets Of The Soul

Snippets of the soul.jpg

By Morgan Kelso


"My piece, "Snippets of the Soul", is an artistic representation of the different emotions and challenges I personally felt during the pandemic at the beginning of March. As a musician and classical singer, vocal and choral music is my world, my everything. When I was sent home by my university due to the rising COVID cases, I was devastated that my colleagues and I wouldn't be able to create music together for the unseeable future. The ripped pieces of white paper have lyrics written on them of the songs the choir I'm in was supposed to sing in our concert in April. The large tulip represents my grandparents (whom I haven't been able to see for over a year now), and their love for gardening the tulips outside their home in North Carolina. However, it also represents the "blooming" in my self-confidence since the start of the pandemic" Please Enjoy!


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