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Each month we gather together over Instagram Live to discuss, interview, philosophize! In these sessions we have coined our monthly "Artist Crush Discush," we take turns leading a group of FKT members or invited artists on relevant topics we feel should be addressed by the current generation of emerging artists.  Originally a podcast hosted by FKT's own Lee Harrison Daniel, main themes of our live sessions are still prevalent in this internet space we've created. We are always looking to share art, converse with artists, and talk about artistic methods we respect, utilize, and have creative "crushes" on. You should totally join us!

To tune in to one of our sessions, stay updated with our instagram page! We usually host livestreams on Sunday nights towards the end of each month. We would love for you to stop by, we always say "hi" and respond in our comments! Our livestream is also paired with a feature in our monthly newsletter The Spark. If you missed the livestream, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to see who we're crushing on! If you would like to be interviewed and featured, please contact us! We are constantly developing new crushes and would love to build creative relationships that benefit the growth of our community!

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