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Our monthly newsletter, The Spark, is our fun way of popping up in your email every thirty days or so! If you are at all interested in our company and our mission, we highly recommend subscribing by clicking the link at the bottom of this page!

Our newsletter is a company update unlike any other. Complete with thoughtful colors and designs, we do our best to make this experience fun for you! We provide monthly media recommendations, fun games and recipes, a monthly manifesto, places for emerging artists to apply, and, of course, updates on our company. 

If you are looking to engage with our company or learn more about what we are currently up to beyond our website, subscribing to our newsletter is a great place to start. We are also always looking for new voices to share with our community of subscribers, and so should you have a manifesto in the works, or a killer media recommendation other artists might be inspired by, we encourage and welcome you to reach out to us at sharing your ideas. We'd love to help the people hear your voice!

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