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About the Artist

Howdy, I’m Laur!  I’ve worked with First Kiss once previously and I’m super excited to be contributing again.  I love to sing, play with makeup, and in just a few weeks I’ll be starting the cosmetology program at Paul Mitchell the School.  But that’s besides the point - what you’re interested in is my yarn bending abilities!  I’ve been knitting for 7 years, and I learned to crochet during the pandemic.  I love to make blankets, scarves, cardigans, and anything I can get my hands on a pattern for or dream up in my yarn-obsessed brain.


About the Products

For sale are these hand-knit gems from a true yarn - extraordinaire! Choose a color and/or knit and bring home an Among Us crew mate of your choosing or a scarf, handmade with love. To clarify, you can order either a scarf, a crew mate, or both in any color you can think of! To order, click the "Order Now" button. It will direct you to an email, where if you just tell us what you would like to purchase, we will set you up with an order of this product and make the rest of the process super easy. Receive a handmade Among Us crew mate for $15 and a handmade ready-to-wear scarf for $30. Order together, individually, or separately.

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