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By Jhona Coombs

FROM THE ARTIST: "Most of my work in all areas revolve around the self and coming to a deeper understanding of the indescribable; what can’t be conveyed in words can be conveyed in visuals and what can’t be seen can attempt to be said in words that can move a receiver to stir something in themselves indescribable. Something consistently indescribable to me seems to be myself. Or more specifically my own face. I go through phases of seeing every feature clearly, all the way to seeing just the dots of my eyes and creases of my lips. Depicting what my face feels like is something I find myself always doing, trying to ground it somehow to something concrete enough to inform an outsider of what my current reality is. It could stem from avoiding every and all mirrors growing up, seeing an effeminate portrayal of what I’d been taught to exist as causing me bouts of dizziness and pain only known to a great few. Maybe I’m trying to recapture years of missed opportunity. A longing for a self love I’d never gotten to
have and sobbed alone over for years on end until the words never uttered- never known in my household got whispered into my ears by a mysterious switch of luck,
giving me a bright, gorgeous, full doorway to walk through and never look back. Maybe I just want to see what others see in the creation I’ve made along the way. Maybe.
Maybe it's just some fun in the familiarity of my own face. Maybe."

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Jhona Coombs is a diverse artist, studying playwriting and theatrical design in lighting and scenic, but pride himself on his ongoing pursuit of illustration as a means of self expression. Most of his recent art exists in lighting design pursuits; including recent works at MMC including the recent production of “CLOWNTOWN” in MMC’s Playwriting Projects. You can find him on most social media under the handle @jjhonanohjj.

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