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Eric Looks for a Friend

By Eliza Kuperschmid

FROM THE ARTIST: "This stop-motion short was created during 2022 as part of First Kiss Theatre Company's Residency Program. It was filmed in multiple locations (unintentionally) with not much of a plan, but the through line ended up being that funny little human quirk we call loneliness. Follow Eric, the essentially microscopic plastic duck, around as he searches for connection in a big big world. The film was created, shot, and edited by Eliza Kuperschmid."




ABOUT THE ARTIST: Eliza Kuperschmid (she/her) makes stuff. Sometimes she writes, sometimes she dramaturgs, sometimes she directs, sometimes she plays the flute, and sometimes, under the right conditions, she just likes to kick back and watch theater happen. Eliza has been part of FKT since the company’s inception, serving as the Director of Operations, a Director of the Residency Program, and as a producer for various events, including FKT’s “Play in a Day.” Eliza earned her BA in English and Music from Skidmore College. She is currently earning her MFA in Dramatic Writing at the University of Southern California. Eliza was born and raised in Scotch Plains, New Jersey and really really likes tofu. 

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