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Off Script

By Angelo Lorenzo

"Off-Script" tells the story of two friends who shared an intimate past who become reunited in the present. Set in the Philippines, the short story tackles the themes that resonate with the realities of LGBTQ+ couples in a developing country and how relationships often end due to the stigma and discrimination imposed against the community. 

Angelo Lorenzo (he/him) writes from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. His short stories have appeared in literary journals such as New Pop Lit, Marias and Sampaguitas, the Elixir Magazine, and the Flyover Country Literary Magazine, among others. He travels quite a lot, but only if worlds in books count as travel destinations. 2021 has been the year when he experimented writing plays. Nowadays, he shifts his time between his day job as a research assistant for a podcast show, a communication director for a marketing startup, and a night owl who pours words on pages whenever he feels like it. His upcoming one-act play will be performed in a virtual festival in March 2022.

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