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Kayla Kaszycki

Kayla Kaszycki (she/her) is a visual artist based in New Jersey. Originally from the Bronx, she went to the High School of Fashion Industries as a Graphic Design major, which pivotally transformed her perspective. After a number of detours, she received a Bachelors in Studio Art with Advanced Drawing as a concentration from CUNY Hunter College. She also has an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University and has dabbled in studying both microbiology and public administration because, why not. Her art focuses on mental landscapes using both abstract and realistic forms to symbolize her internal experience during snapshots of time in a variety of media. Two of her paintings currently hang in the Wakefield Branch of the New York Pubic Library. She has also received a grant for an intergenerational art program that she facilitated in collaboration with Neighborhood Initiatives Development Corporation and the Bronx Jewish Community Council. Kayla has also dabbled in costume design, designing multiple costume pieces for the one act play Antidotal by Brynn Hambley, which premiered at The Brick Theatre in April of 2023. She hopes to one day create a non profit community art center in which people from all walks of life can come together to create. 

About the piece...

“In 2023 I experienced a lot of wins with my mental health. After experience over 29 years of domestic and psychological abuse where my literal and artistic voice was nonexistent, I experienced a breaking point in 2020. I made a choice to either change my life or stop living it. With every step I took the next three years I found that the pain became more bearable and then, surprisingly, started to fade. I learned to look at myself and see a person worthy of happiness, companionship, and love. I realized I wasn’t alone. Therapy, medication, and the supportive new family I have developed have allowed me the ability to pull myself out of the darkest places in my psyche and become a truer version of who I am as a person. This is what this painting shares. Breakthrough.” 


View Kayla's work:
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