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About the Artist

Liliana Mastroianni is currently a junior at Skidmore College studying Theatre and Psychology. She is an actor and has experience in directing, stage management, and producing. She is also a writer and a poet, and recently published her first book of poems The Photos In My Phone. Contact her for more information on this!

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About the Product

For sale are these heartfelt, lovely odes or poems. As the artist puts it: "A customizable poem for a loved one!" Liliana Mastroianni will write a poem specifically for your friend, spouse, significant other, dog - anyone who you can think of. To order, click the "Order Now" button. It will direct you to an email, where if you just tell us what you would like to purchase, we will set you up with an order of this product and make the rest of the process super easy. In addition to this, Liliana asks that you fill out this google form to provide more information on the what the content of the poem might look like. Then, get ready to be amazed! Look below for an example! Receive one customizable poem or ode for an agreed upon price (below)!

Short Poem (5-10 lines) for $17

Medium Poem (10-15 lines) for $21

Long Poem (15-20 lines) for $26

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