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What If you Joined Us?

What If?

First Kiss Theatre has dedicated itself to empowering emerging artists with a place to experiment, collaborate, and create some magic. We produce new work because we know that what it means to live current times is always changing, and art now should reflect that. If you identify as an emerging artist, reach out! We'd love to know what you're doing and how we can collaborate with you! 

We offer workshops for playwrights, devisors, and director/creator teams! This opportunity we structure subjectively. If you email us your play we can offer anything from week-long to month-long workshops. If you are developing new work in any capacity and are interested in investigating and idea or craft more... We'd love to have you!

We offer residencies!  If you would like to come create in our artistic bubble , participate with the company and experiment or try some new artistic hats on.... We'd love to have you!


We offer company positions! We are always looking to expand! We can set up a time for us to meet each other and see if it's meant to be. If you've like to join the company or you see a perfectly shaped you-size void... We'd love to have you!

Again for the people in the back: If you're an emerging artist, and are interested in collaborating with our team in any capacity, we'd LOVE to hear from you!

Below is a n application form! Feel free to fill it out and mail it to us at

You can also always drop us a note if you have any questions:)

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