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Performed by Sophia Bella Cucci:

A Piece of the Past for the Present

* We encourage you to listen to this piece with headphones for a better auditory experience

Performed By Sophia Bella Cucci

Written By Paramore

Vocal Mixing By Graham Gilmore


An emerging new voice in alt-pop music, Sophia Bella Cucci is a 22 year old New York-area musician with a dance and theater background.  She spent her childhood and teen years immersed in musical theater, ballet, and ballroom dancing, but balanced her classical training by listening to artists which have since influenced her own music, including Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Billie Eilish, David Bowie, Palaye Royale, and Fleetwood Mac. She uses her own music as a point of combination for the nostalgic sounds she loves, modern production elements, and purposeful lyrics.

Find Sophia’s Music at:


Apple Music



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